10Ten Talent

We are proud to represent some of the greatest footballers, leading digital influencers, high profile entertainers, and Michelin starred chefs.
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Opportunity is everything.

10Ten Talent offers a proven track record of delivering success at the very highest level.

Our world-class team of industry executives brings together more than 100 years of combined experience in skillfully managing careers – and reputations – across a wide range of sport and entertainment, worldwide.

The world’s leading digital influencers. Entertainers regularly watched by millions of people. Michelin-starred chefs disrupting the food scene, we are right there by their sides, providing personal support and expert guidance.

We work closely with all our legends to deliver results against marketing and commercial objectives to produce stand-out results.

You can follow a career. Or you can build a legacy.

We deliver the best possible service by focusing on three specific areas:

Boosting profiles through PR & communications.

Sourcing and negotiating commercial contracts.

Managing and maximising digital and social presence.

We ensure that all three disciplines are covered by experts to offer our talent a very personal, highly targeted and strategic service.

With perfect positioning through the right social activation, management and strategic communications, brands and broadcasters will see something truly special in you.

How can we help you?

Over the past three years, 10Ten Talent has negotiated, sourced and delivered over £10m worth of commercial revenue for our clients.

We benefit from an extensive network and relationships with some of the world’s best brands to align our talent with partnerships that enhance their profile and continually place them in the best possible light.

Building and monetising your brand

Having spent years building and managing the IP of some of the greatest names in sport and entertainment, we know what it takes to monetise the power of an individual’s brand.

Whether that involves aligning your brand to a particular product, or even creating your own retail lines, 10Ten can draw upon the proprietary knowledge, experience, networks, technology and distribution platforms required to maximise long term value.