As a group we are relentless in the pursuit of excellence, we build legacies for our talent and provide best-in-class services to our clients.

Individual yet complimentary, our group approach allows us to offer a uniquely joined-up way of working, amplifying the influence we are able to exert on your behalf.

10Ten Talent

10Ten Talent is dedicated to representing the interests of some of the biggest names in sports, wellbeing, and entertainment. By carefully selecting only the most attractive and relevant opportunities, the agency is dedicated to helping clients achieve their long-term goals.

10Ten Football

10Ten Football looks after the commercial and charitable interests of many of the game’s greatest players. From beginning their careers to hanging up their boots to moving into management or media, they trust 10Ten both on and off the field.

10Ten Culinary

10Ten Culinary is a culinary talent management agency. The company represents the reputational, marketing, and commercial interests for some of the biggest names in the business, from Michelin-starred chefs to internationally renowned mixologists.

Round World Studios

Round World Studios is a television and film production company. Developing, producing and delivering exceptional content for broadcast channels, streaming and digital platforms, cinema audiences, and global brands.

Round World Digital

Round World Digital brings digital visions to life. In seamlessly integrating strategic insight, bespoke design, and innovative tech, the agency creates unique brands and brilliant products that stands out in the market and deliver measurable business results.

Round World Commerce

Round World Commerce is a leading online, mobile, and POS payment service platform. Their technology provides a fast, secure, and convenient way for businesses to accept payments of all types.